A search engine designed to help boxers beat their opponents

A search engines designed to allow boxing enthusiasts to identify their rivals is on the market.

Dublin-based Bing is offering its Boxers Engine software to users of a range of mobile apps.

The search engine will help boxer coaches make better decisions when trying to out-box their opponents, while also helping boxers to hone their technique, according to Bing CEO John Burke.

Boxers are known to be highly focussed on their techniques, and often times fight with a mental approach, but Bing has been able to identify many of the key factors in a boxer’s game.

Boxer coaches, for example, tend to favour a wide stance and lean back slightly when fighting with a wide range of angles, Burke said.

This means they can also struggle to control their opponent, he said.

Bing has created a boxers engine that can help boxies make better tactical decisions when using a range the mobile apps that it works with.

The Boxers engine will allow boxers, coaches and trainers to use their smartphone to identify and find the best boxers on the planet.

“Boxers know how to use angles to their advantage,” Burke said, “Boxers also use their eyes to their fullest to see what their opponent is doing.

This can mean that boxers can see what is going on behind the scenes and can make decisions about when to fight or retreat.”

Bing’s Boxers service will be available to customers in the UK from next month.