How the Indian Institute of Technology is creating a future for civil engineering students

With the government’s new Civil Engineering Internship program, universities in the country are increasingly turning to engineering to teach young people about the field. 

According to a Times of Ireland report, the institute, located in Hyderabad, is the first in the world to offer the internship. 

It is also the first to offer a one-year scholarship for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and are interested in working in the civil engineering field.

The Times article says that the internship is based on the Indian model of engineering, with students learning through lectures and a hands-on curriculum. 

The internship includes two weeks of training in the field and will take place in Hyderbabu, the capital of Hyderabad state, where the institute is located. 

Students will learn how to design, build and install buildings and other facilities for the country’s national highway, the National Highway-21. 

“The internship is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for students to learn about building structures and design, while learning practical skills that will be relevant to future careers in the engineering industry,” Srinivasa Ramanathan, dean of the university, told the Times of India. 

For students who are interested, there is also a two-year option for them to participate in the Civil Engineering Science, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business (CESBET) program. 

 The university said that the scholarship program is for students who are pursuing a bachelor of engineering degree and want to further their education and career development. 

With the help of students who participated in the internship, Ramanathan said that the institute is also working with the government to create an infrastructure fund for civil engineers to be able to participate in the new program.