Nvidia unveils new hardware in partnership with Renault, Nissan

Nvidia’s new GPUs and compute products are set to make their debut on Renault’s brand new flagship SUV, the Renault Academie, with the company launching a new engine-sensing suite to power the SUV, The Register reports.

Nvidia’s newest GPU offerings will include the GTX 980 Ti, the GeForce GTX 970 and the GeForce 1070, as well as the GeForce GT 1040.

The latter two are slated to be the first Nvidia-branded GPUs to launch alongside Renault’s flagship SUV.

The company says the GTX 970 is based on Nvidia’s Kepler architecture and features 16GB of GDDR5 memory and 128GB of VRAM, while the GTX 1070 features 16 GB of memory and 64GB of onboard VRAM.

The GTX 980Ti will be priced at £5,399, while GTX 970 will cost £4,499.

It’s expected that Nvidia will announce the GTX 1060 in early 2018.

Nissan will be introducing its own engine-based graphics solutions to Renault in the form of the Nissan LEAF.

The Nissan LEaf is the company’s first all-electric vehicle and will come with a new 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine.

Nissan will be offering the LEAF at a price tag of $19,995, while Nissan will offer the LEaf in both petrol and diesel variants.

The Nissan LEF will be available in Europe starting in 2020.

It is the first all electric vehicle Nissan has made available.

The company’s upcoming engine-boosting technology is the same as that powering the Nissan GT-R, which will be offered as the GT-I in the US.

Nissan’s engineers have also been working on a new system to help boost the energy efficiency of the LEF, dubbed Energy Boost.

The LEF’s engine will be upgraded to boost its efficiency by up to 5% compared to the GTR’s 7.4%.

Nvidia will also be releasing its new supercomputer in 2020 that will allow for the creation of new AI and robotics applications.