When Predator Engine’s first flight takes place, the world’s first automated fighter takes off

The first unmanned aircraft to fly out of the Lockheed Martin Predator Engineering facility in Huntsville, Alabama, will be a small unmanned aircraft that can operate autonomously, not unlike a traditional fighter jet.

The Predator XE-1, as it is now known, is one of the most advanced, powerful, and fuel-efficient military aircraft in the world.

In the early 2000s, the company began developing a prototype of a “manned air vehicle” to be able to launch and land autonomously on the ground without any external power.

The Predator XA-1 was unveiled in 2001.

The XE was intended to be the first truly autonomous aircraft.

It had a “sparrow” wing and could take off and land in a single flight.

Lockheed built the first XE in 2002 and launched it into orbit in November of 2006.

In November of 2011, the aircraft was flown by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for the first time, with an autopilot.

The first flight of the Predator XS-1 is expected to take place this weekend, according to Lockheed Martin.

The XS was designed to be used as an anti-aircraft weapon and the first unmanned Predator aircraft to be released from the Lockheed facility.

Lockheed Martin has not announced an exact date for the flight.

Predator XE will be the aircraft that flies in the first manned Predator aircraft flight, said a Lockheed Martin spokesman.

The aircraft was developed in cooperation with Lockheed Martin and is part of the company’s efforts to advance the Predator program to new heights.

“Predator is an important part of Lockheed Martin’s mission to deliver next-generation capabilities for our customers,” said Matt Martin, president and CEO of Lockheed.

“The company is pleased to have the opportunity to continue this collaboration with NASA and the FAA to achieve this mission.”

The Predator S-1A was the first Predator aircraft.

The first two Predator aircraft, the Predator S1 and S2, were launched into orbit on May 10, 2010.

Lockheed is still working on a third aircraft, but the company is not planning to launch any new aircraft until after the 2020 elections.

The Lockheed Martin Predators are currently used by NASA, the US military, the Department of Defense, and private companies for surveillance, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The company is also developing a Predator drone that could be used for intelligence gathering and surveillance missions.

The company has developed the first-ever drone for aerial surveillance in orbit, which was launched on May 13, 2010, by NASA.