Why is this guy so loud? It’s not his fault, says professor

A professor of physics at a physics and engineering school in Japan says the loud sound of his students is due to a combination of high-speed acceleration, high-voltage transmission lines and a computer that is overheating.

The professor, who has not been identified, told the Associated Press that students are listening to music with headphones when they are doing a physics course and they hear a lot of sounds they can’t understand, but they can understand what they are hearing.

The sound can be heard in the lab and on the street, and the professor said that he has noticed that it gets worse the more people hear it.

“It can be very annoying,” he said.

“It’s very hard to describe what it is like to hear it.”

The professor said he thinks the students may have been listening to the sounds on headphones that are too loud.

The AP has asked a university spokesman for comment.

The National Science Foundation and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency have not responded to requests for comment on the professor’s findings.