How to build a Google search engine

The world’s most widely used search engine will be based in India.

The Times of Indian on Tuesday published a draft of the Government’s “Building Engines” policy, to be released on Monday.

The draft, titled “Building engines for India,” calls for setting up of an industry hub for private search engines to grow and develop globally, as well as a number of government initiatives.

“Google India will be a key partner of government in setting up and nurturing private search engine industries and creating new sources of growth,” the draft said.

This will enable the Indian economy to diversify and improve the quality of its search results, the draft added.

A search engine company will be created that will be focused on building and maintaining a number in-house engines and products to drive growth in India’s search engine market.

According to the draft, the new entity will be led by the chief executive officer (CEO) of a private company, the chairman of the board of directors of a company with less than 5% market share and the chairman and chief executive of a large technology company with at least 50% market shares.

The company would be responsible for operating the engines that are part of the Google India, according to the Draft.

The entity will also have to have a net worth exceeding Rs 1 crore, which can be used for salaries, bonuses and other expenses.

Google India’s first task will be to launch its “Search Engine India” pilot project in Bengaluru, a city where the company has been based since 2006.

It will be set up in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services, an IT services company that manages Google’s search technology in India, the company said.