SpaceX engineer who worked on SpaceShipTwo’s rocket engine says he quit because he “didn’t get paid”

SpaceX’s former rocket engineer who helped develop the SpaceShipOne rocket engine is resigning from the company because he was “not getting paid.”

SpaceX engineer Dan Clapham told Business Insider he quit on Thursday because he didn’t get a raise and because he thought he was going to “burn in hell” in a space station accident.

Claphan is the only employee currently on the SpaceX payroll.

Clapham said he got a raise after working on the rocket engine, and that it would have been “a great honor” if he had received more.

“I’ve worked at SpaceX for a long time, and they’ve given me great opportunities,” Clapley said.

“But this was not one of them.”

Clapley quit the company last year because he said he couldn’t handle being in the middle of a space mission with the Space Exploration Technologies Program, or SpaceX.

He said he was a high-ranking engineer, and was paid well, but wasn’t getting paid.

“The company did not want me to do this job,” Clapsley said of the space agency.

“So, I quit, and I got the money I needed to do it, but I didn’t make a good living.”

Clapsley told Business Insiders he quit over the Space Station Resupply Mission, or ISS, a NASA mission that SpaceX launched to the International Space Station in December 2017.

Clapsham worked on the engine that powers the Space Ship One spacecraft.

The rocket’s primary thrust was the main engine, which is what makes the SpaceShips reusable spacecraft possible.

SpaceX was supposed to start using the engine in the SpaceStation 2 mission, but that mission ended after SpaceX failed to deliver the engine on time.

In February, SpaceX announced it would not use its own engine in space, instead using the Russian RD-180 engine that is used in Russian rockets and has been used on NASA’s International Space Exploration vehicles, or ISVs.

The RD-170 was used to power the Falcon 9 rocket that was supposed have lofted the SLS rocket.