Why it’s safe to drive on Interstate 35W in Detroit

The Detroit region is bracing for a surge in vehicle thefts on Interstate 95W in the coming days, as police warn drivers to exercise caution in the area.

Michigan State Police posted a photo of the area around the Interstate 35/85 interchange Tuesday morning with a warning of a “possible spike” in vehicle theft.

The agency said that the interstate is now open, but it’s still too dangerous to drive, citing a spike in reported vehicle thefts and collisions.

A spike in the number of reported incidents could indicate a spike, as many people are not aware of the changes.

Michigan State Police told ABC News that the number and frequency of reported vehicle crashes are “significantly higher” in the city than in other areas.

“The number of crashes and the frequency of crashes have been significantly higher in the Detroit area, but the number, frequency and severity of crashes are significantly higher,” State Police Sgt. Kevin J. Smith said.

In the meantime, the area has been shut down to traffic for the past two days.